How to Play Bunco

Those who are just learning about Bunco may be a bit hesitant to play and think “I will never know the rules of the game!” or “How can I play this dice game? It just seems like it might be too difficult.”  The good news is that Bunco is easy to play and so much fun is had by all who play this game.  Bunco isn’t just about the dice game.  It is about hanging out with friends, having a few drinks, eating awesome food and even getting a bit rowdy now and again.  
Once you learn the basics of Bunco, it will only take one or two Bunco nights for you to be completely comfortable with the game.  You will marvel at how much your Bunco score sheets change from average playing to well-versed Bunco play in just a few rounds.  Read on to learn the full rules of Bunco play as well as the quick guide to being a Bunco extraordinaire.

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